Gourmet coffee gifts are some of the most wonderful gifts to give and receive. This is the perfect gift for foodies and gourmet coffee connoisseurs as well. Anyone who loves coffee will instantly enjoy the pleasures that a tantalizing gift basket can give, and with Valentine’s day right around the corner, this is the perfect gift that special sweetie in your life.

The great thing about they edible gifts is they can be as inexpensive or elaborate as you would like to make it! Something as simple as a $10 gift card to the local Starbucks or gourmet coffee shop is perfect for coworkers, neighbors, and casual friends. For a more elaborate gift, you can simply attach a gourmet coffee gift card to a bag of gourmet beans! This is a fun gift that has no wrapping involved! Simply put a pretty bow on it and the gift is good to go!

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If you are looking to spend a little more money and give a more elaborate gift, then think about a gourmet Coffee Gift Box. This is perfect for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, and even Christmas. These are readily available for purchase, already stocked with goodies and delivered to your door, on the internet and at gourmet shops. However, I believe the great thing about gourmet baskets is making them yourself!

A gourmet coffee gift basket is sure to wow with a few simple steps. First, stop at the local craft or hobby store, such as Hobby Lobby and pick up a nice wicker basket. While you are there also pick up some cellophane wrapping a pretty bow. After you purchase the basket and wrapping supplies, comes the fun part, the stuffing of the basket! This is where creativity is key!

As Valentine’s is right around the corner it might be a fun idea to stuff in a box of chocolates, a coffee mug with some hearts on it, and maybe a pretty picture frame with a picture of the happy couple in it! This is also a great idea for stuffing an Anniversary basket. Some of the most important things to put in the basket would also be some delicious beans or ground coffee. I think it is nice to put a couple different kinds in the basket. Also, some delicious goodies such as chocolate covered espresso beans, sweet syrups from the local coffee shop and pastries such as biscotti or fresh-baked muffins are great as well!

A Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket Is The Perfect Present For Your Valentine’s Sweetie!

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