A secured credit card requires the user to have a monetary deposit with the lender this is to secure credits. The money will be put into a credit account and the credit card holders may use a portion of it when they make purchase.

Anyone can get a secured card but it is much advantageous for those people that have no credit or have negative credit history to get this type of card. This type of card would be expensive but this type of card is much affordable for those that have negative credit history than getting other types of credit card.

Here’s some useful information about secure major credit cards.


  • The secured card is designed for those people who have bad credit history this type of card will help repair and establish good or positive credit history. They require you to have a deposit for this will serve as a collateral, which will also be use to set your credit amount limit.
  • Even if you have the deposit you still be required to pay vclub for your monthly billing just like ordinary credit cards. However if they fail to pay their bills the issuer of the card has an option on taking the amount of purchase out on the deposited amount.
  • The advantage of getting this type of card for those people who have negative or no credit history is that most of these companies gives regular report to the major credit bureaus so they would know your performance and it help build a positive credit history for you.
  • Your deposit is usually used as an offset if ever the account will be or is closed either by your request or because of severe delinquency.
  • You should also need to do some research and gather information and knowledge about secured major credit cards see if this type of card is good for you and if you can deal with the consequences it you can’t pay your bills.
  • For if you fail to pay the bills you would still end up in debt because of the interest rates that has accumulated. You should know the benefit and the disadvantage if you get this type of card.


Having a credit card is good but it also comes with a responsibility, so you need to manage your expenses properly and be sure that if you purchase expensive things and your bill goes up be sure that you can pay them. It would be your responsibility as a card holder to pay for the thing you have purchased.

Secured Major Credit Cards – Who Benefits From Them?

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