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Picture postage stamps were once reserved for Kings, Queens, Presidents and anyone who the world considered famous until an invention called Photo Stamps came along and changed everything.

In 1999, the United States Postal service made a deal with a company to allow them to develop a way to sell stamps via the internet called PC Postage. Everyday people would soon be allowed to put their face on stamps. The company began like all companies begin with an idea. That idea became reality and now PhotoStamps is the leading provider of stamps online today.

The company launched PhotoStamps in 2004 and the rest is history. Millions of customers buy their postage stamps online for a variety of benefits and some fun of course. It’s hard to believe people still don’t know about adding pictures to postage stamps. There are a few more unique benefits this stamp system offers that are sometimes overlooked.

Create company exposure with stamps of a company logo

If you have company that does a lot of mailings for business, you can use this amazing system to spread the word about your company by adding your company logo to stamps you put on envelopes that get sent to your clients. It’s that simple. Use your company logo in place of a photo.

The letters and greeting cards you send will travel through the mail, be processed and touched by many hands and groups of people like, postal workers, office workers and whomever you address your letters to.

They will all see your company logo affixed to your correspondence again and again. Adding your logo is an awesome way to expose the image that represents your company and spread it all over the world. This technique is also an inexpensive way to advertise without spending money on advertising.

Convey love by adding a wedding photo to a stamp

Another great use is affixing wedding photo stamps to envelopes when sending out thank you notes. A stamp with your wedding photo creates an excellent way to communicate love and thankfulness to your wedding party. The stamp is sure to get people talking about their thank you cards.

The process is user-friendly and a lot of fun to create. If you can send e-mail, you can create a photo stamp. Upload a photo from your desktop computer and follow the instructions as you go. Photos can be rotated or zoomed in on and you can create different colored borders as well.

Show college pride by adding team logos to stamps

If you love the college you attended or any school you can represent it by adding the school logo to your stamps. The process is the same but the goal is to have fun doing it. It’s a great way to show school pride.

Save gas by having stamps delivered to your home

Last but not least, one of the biggest benefits of using photo stamps is saving gas. How many times do you get in your car and drive to the post office for stamps or envelopes? Save your gas and time by getting your stamps online and use the savings for something else.

5 benefits of using picture postage stamps:

1. Create company exposure with you logo on a stamp

2. Convey love by adding a wedding photo to a stamp

3. Show college pride by adding team logos to stamps

4. Save gas by getting stamps delivered to your home

5. Enjoy a privilege once reserved for Kings and Queens; adding your picture to a postage stamp

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